Up She Goes

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Up She Goes
Linden – St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne

Up She Goes is a 4-minute video loop where the hanging of a large collage work (in pieces) is reversed and sped up, with sound added. It is mesmerising and annoying at the same time, as it is unclear as to what is actually happening.

This work came about during a residency in Rotterdam where I created the Classic Shazzy series of car/girl collages.

Gallery wall text:
Everyone has at one time or another walked into a garage of which the walls were covered with pin-ups advertising fancy sports cars. Men can gaze at these images forever, and dream their dreams of power, money, and sexual fulfilment. We tend to forget that cars are 4-wheeled mechanical vehicles, which are used to take us from on point to the other. Cars and girls alike are represented as fetishistic objects. By doubling these images and bringing them into the realm of art, Louise Paramor adopts an attitude of careful attention towards ‘some of the things men dream about’. In her video ‘Up She Goes’, Louise Paramor deconstructs the life size image of a girl leaning over an Italian sports car, in reverse. It is as if we can hear her say ‘eat this, because at the end of the line, or at the real beginning of it, there’s me; a real girl.’
Jeroen Eisinga, Rotterdam, 2005

Filming: Jeroen Eisinga
Editing: Annie Wilson
Music: Geoff Newton (riff from Astrobingo)

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