Top Shelf

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Top Shelf
Award winning piece, created specifically for the McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award, Victoria.

Catalogue Statement:
Top shelf

In my sculptural work of recent years, I have been preoccupied with industrial plastic objects, and have presented them in a variety of assembled structures, each with the linking title, 'Jam Session'. Works in this series include: Industrial Jam Session, 2007 (Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award Exhibition, Werribee); Monumental Jam Session, 2008 (Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award Exhibition, Werribee); Tritonic Jam Session, 2008 (Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, Federation Square); and Heavy Metal Jam Session, 2009 (permanent public sculpture commission, COSTCO Wholesale, Docklands, Melbourne).

In Top Shelf the arrangement of the plastic objects has been formalised through the addition of a large steel platform to contain and elevate the ensemble.   Standing tall, loud with saccharine colour and packed with ubiquitous form, the ‘Jam Session’ has evolved into a compilation where architecture and sculpture collide.

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