Supermodel (the public sculpture)

louise paramor

Supermodel (the public sculpture)

Supermodel is a permanent public sculpture in the seaside town of Lorne, Victoria.

In 2014 my found object assemblage, North Polar, won the Lorne Sculpture Biennale. The award prize was funding provided by Creative Victoria to produce a permanent public sculpture for the township of Lorne.

After discussion with local residents it was decided that a maquette from my 2014 Supermodel series of plastic assemblages should be selected and blown up in scale. The piece most favoured by the community was comprised of a pen holder, a plumbing part and a baby’s rattle. The resulting work is a red and white fluted steel structure that functions as a bright and welcoming signifer at the gateway to the seaside resort town of Lorne.

Painted steel, approx. 500cm high

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