Mood Bomb


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Mood Bomb
Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

Mood Bomb was an exhibition of abstract oil paintings on (the back of) glass. As the name of the show indicates these works were conceived intuitively and the paintings themselves ultimately suggested their own titles.

The smaller gallery featured photographic documentation and a 20minute time lapse DVD of the 2007 project Show Court 3. The opening night of Mood Bomb was also a catalogue launch for the Show Court 3 project.

Medium : Oil enamel on glass
Dimensions - varied: 100x100cm, 60x60cm, 25x25cm and 30x3Ocm
Photos: John Brash

The painting Lovers , is owned by Heide Museum of Modern Art, the painting Green Eyed Monster and two Show Court 3 photographs are owned by Artbank. The painting Sky Pilot was included in the Authur Guy Memorial Painting Prize Exhibition, Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria, 2009

Mood Bomb was reviewed in The Age newspaper .

Show Court 3 @ Nellie Castan 2009
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