Heavy Metal Jam Session

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Heavy Metal Jam Session

Heavy Metal Jam Session is a suite of six permanent public sculptures commissioned for COSTCO Wholesale Australia, situated at the foot of the Southern Star Observatory Wheel in Docklands, Melbourne. The suite is a further development of earlier Jam Session assemblage sculptures made of found plastic domestic and industrial objects.

The types of objects depicted in the suite include a shipping pallet, stools, chairs, shelves, balls, light fittings, a washing line, a hoop, tables, buckets, lampshades, washing machine parts, a plant pot, bowls and bins. This diverse group of generic products, jammed together in the most playful of ways, explicitly references Costco’s own wholesaling activities.

These sculptures are commonplace items made majestic. The robust physicality of the heavy steel and bronze forms combined with their glossy, seductive surfaces create an immediate and powerful impact, even before a passing pedestrian has registered their familiar component parts. The sculptures act as dynamic visual anchors against the backdrop of the site’s angular built forms, and in the midst of the visual noise of day-to-day activity on the plaza area.

The work also features special lighting, five of the six sculptures are internally lit.

Materials: Painted steel, aluminium and bronze
Scale: Heights range from 190cm to 570cm

Photos: Alex Lyne

Project Manager: Robert Sinclair
Consultancy group: Brecknock Consultants

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